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Course Offered

Adarsh Bal Niketan is an Institution which provides quality all around education to all young boys and girls to develop a sound mind, a robust physique and strong moral values which enable them to become successful in all fileds of life, society and national importance.

 At primary level, the institution found its existence in 1956 to foster the welfare to the wards of the staff of University of Roorkee. As it started to grow, the people of the city were attracted and enjoyed the flavour of the education imparted here.

 The school is governed by the School Management Conmmittee constituted by renowned and efficient Professors of IIT Roorkee. The Director of IIT Roorkee is the patron of the school.

Courses Offered

Classes Nursery to X   : As per CBSE syllabus

Classes XI to XII Sciences :

(a) English, Physics & Chemistry 

(b) Any one of the following

(i) Maths -Computer

(ii) Maths-Biology

(iii) Maths - Hindi

(iv) Biology -Hindi


Classes XI to XII Commerce:

(a) English, Accountancy, Business Studies, (Commerce) Economics.

(b) Any one of the following 

(i) Hindi

(ii) Mathematics