Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent- Teacher meeting will be arranged periodically and information about it will be sent well in advance. The parents should make it a point to avail this opportunity to discuss the progress and difficulties of their children.

1.   Parent- Teacher meeting will be held after each exam and notice in this regard will be circulated among parents. The parents can meet the principal on any working day from 12.00p.m to 1.00p.m or otherwise, by appointment.

2.   However, if any parents feel that he/she needs to meet the Principal o any teacher with regard to the work or the conduct of his child, he is encouraged to do so at the earliest after making an appointment with the Principal of the teacher concerned.

3.   Regularly absenting themselves from such meeting will be considered as showing indifference towards the education of their children and the school authorities can take a serious view of it.

4.   The parents are requested to meet the concerned subject  teachers of their wards regularly. If whole hearted and constructive cooperation is extended to the school authorities and the teachers, one can normally except tangible progress of the ward. The parents can also meet the teachers on every Saturday after the recess for 15 minutes. No parent is expected to approach teachers in their class rooms, for any reason.