Admission Rules


 Admission is not granted by right to anyone but is made by the Admission Committee.

 1.     Every student for admission must be introduced in person by his parents or authorized guardian to the Principal and must pass an entrance examination (Admission test).

 2.     Student selected for admission must produce an application for admission in         the form supplied by the school along with a Transfer Certificate & Progress Report from the previous school attended. Date of birth once registered can not be alerted.

 3.     Mid-session admission will be granted only in case of transfer of parents to the station. In this case fee for the whole term will be charged. Such students will not be given TC in the same year.

4.     The school offers Science and Commerce stream in Classes XI and XII. Minimum Percentage of marks is necessary for eligibility for the admission. The eligibility criteria for admission to class XI are as follows :


For Admission in Class XI

i)                   10% grace marks will be given to the wards of IIT Roorkee employees/ABN employees in aggregate only.

ii)                 5% grace marks will be given to the students of ABN in aggregate only.

iii)               In general, the cut off percentage for science & commerce stream is 70% and 55% respectively. Maths will be given to students who have secured minimum of 65% marks in maths.

 iv)               Marks alone do not merit an admission to class XI in this school. Students found indisciplined, careless and performing below satisfactory level etc. shall not be considered for admission.

 v)                 The eligible students seeking admission should register their names within ten days of publication of the result of class XI.

 5.  If a student leaves the school before the completion of a Term, full fees will be charged for the Term in question ( 1st Term-April to July, 2nd Term August to November and 3rd Term December to March ).

 6.  T.C. of the students will be issued to the parents/guardian three days after submission of the withdrawal form and a sum of Rs.200/- will be charged as T.C. fee.

7.  Re-admission of a student whose name has been struck off the school rolls, for any reason, will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

8.     No student who fails more than once in a same class will be allowed to continue studies in the school.

9.     All fees is to be deposited according to the instructions given in the fee book to UBI Civil Lines, Roorkee, in the respective months of the year. The rates of fee are subject to change from time to time due to the increasing cost of maintenance and other expenses.

10. In case of non payment of fee for three consecutive months, the name of the student will be stuck off from the Register. He/She will be readmitted only after payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 1000/- only written request.