ABN Society

About The Society

Adarsh Bal Niketan Senior Secondary School is run under the aegis of ABN Society. The object of the society is to facilitate the school environment for intellectual, moral and physical development of the children as well as equipping them effectively to overcome future challenges and become contributing citizens of the world.

Patron of society is Director, IIT Roorkee. The society executive committee is here under:

1.  Prof. Ila Gupta, Professor, Arch & Plan Deptt. IITR                  President (Nominated member)

2.  Prof. B.S.S Daniel. Professor, MMED, IITR                              Manager (Nominated member)

3.  Prof. B.K. Mishra, Professor, MIED,IITR                                   Nominated member

4.  Prof. Ravi Kumar, Dean Administration, IITR                            Member (Ex-officio)

5.  Prof. M.R. Maurya, Dean Faculty Affairs, IITR                          Member (Ex-officio)

6.  Prof. Anand Joshi, Dean Student Welfare, IITR                        Member (Ex-officio)

7.  Dr. Suman Kumar, Joint Registrar (Internal  Audit), IITR          Secretary (Ex-officio)